Friday, July 28, 2017

Heart Shaped Glasses Hunt 2017 Stores

Hint: A messed head.
Pin Up Tattoo & Style
Hint: There is a crystal ball nearby.
Hint: Prize #1 - Maitreya Appliers: This heart-shape won't break.

Prize #2 - Omega Appliers: Sitting on pins and needles.

Prize #3 - Slink Appliers: This blue can get you high.
-Nail polish appliers-
~Zo Awesum~
Hint: Lots of Post-it Notes.
-Pose with props, includes heart shaped glasses-
Hint: Pot of flowers.
JR Wolf Creations
Hint: That blue is getting me high...
The Style Loft
Hint: It sure is comfy here among all these pillows, calm tides for sure.
Mesh boots in sizes XXS-L.
Hint: Little girl, little girl
You should close your eyes
That blue is getting me high
Queen oF Ink
Hint: Everything's better under the tea.
[ west end ]
Hint: How far have you been?
Hint: Every Snowflake looks the same.
Hint: Are you the rabbit or the headlight?
Hint: "Little horn is born."
Hint: Finding this prize will bee very easy!
Hint: You put what... on your feet?
-Unisex unrigged ear piercings-
Hint: The Purrrrrfect hiding spot.
-Mesh shirt-
A pill to make you numb
A pill to make you dumb
A pill to make you anybody else
But all the drugs in this world
Won't save her from herself
-Skin & Eyes Appliers-
Hint: I can not wear the glasses because my head is different and I have no nose.
-Slink nail polish appliers.-
Hint: Eye have a great view from UP here.
Prize 1: On the shelf. (silver bow)
Prize 2: At gacha area. (gold bow)
Prize 3: On the corner of ceiling. (pink gold)
Hint: Titan chair.
Prize 1: One of these will make sure you won the human race.
Prize 2: Come near me when you’re froze and I’ll warm your hands and toes.
Hint: When you spot the leggings, just look up!
Hint: "It was a very hard climb...."
Hint: I am the one hiding near your stairs.
-mesh dress-
Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes (all in one prize)
Hint: ALETA bit of Marilyn goes a long way!
Hint: See you in Wonderland!
Hint: I am very mathematical up here.
Hint: The Darkest Nights Produce The Brightest Stars
Hint: Look near hunt poster.
-lamp & sunglasses-
Hint: A few shades of grey.
Hint: Even the gods know, heart shaped glasses help you aim for love.
Hint: Prize #1: The girl with red and black pigtails always wears her heart shaped glasses.
Prize #2: Hiding above a dress that would make the queen of hearts jealous.
Prize #3: Someone seems to have left their glasses by the entrance.
Hint: Roses and wine to warm the soul!
-Female bento pose-
Hint: 'And I couldn't take my eyes off her'
-Female shape for classic avatar & catwa mesh head-
Hint: You should close your eyes in the gacha room.
Hint: "If you get the music inside your soul anything can happen."
Trashed (All in one hunt prize)
Hint: What does the future hold for you?
-Mesh Men's Top-
-Mesh Women's Top-
Hint: Prize #1 - Spin your wheels...
Prize #2 - Johnny Appleseed...
Hint: By the bargains.
Hint: "That blue is getting me high"
-Latex outfit in 4 colors in Omega & Maitreya Appliers-
Hint: Just don't step, Don't step on the hand And I won't break your heart-shaped glasses.
-interactive prop you rez in the shape of a hand-
Hint: For the shade you desire, fuel the fire.
Hint: That blue is getting me high
And making me low
Hint: Cthulhu is back.
-black and red lipstick with appliers-
Hint: I love you so much you must kill me now...